Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Superpower Pause

Power Pause #2:  The Superpower Pause
Outcome: You’ll feel like Superman

The Superpower Pause (TSP) can change everything. It is a fear buster and an esteem builder that will take you from an “I can’t” to an “I will” attitude in an instant . . . and it will make you feel like you can do anything. There is enormous benefit to that. To start, you will see a huge difference in how you approach the world and you will feel totally empowered to go, go, go!

TSP relies heavily on all of the RELAX. SET. GO. rules to relish (12/22 post) because you want to be in a heightened state during and after the pause. It will fuel a magnetic verve and confidence so powerful that you will be excited in the face of challenge and impenetrable to the threat of fear. This is not about reckless entitlement or manic delusion; it’s about believing in yourself and breaking down any and all self imposed barriers. Once you decide to bust through the walls, nothing will hold you back.

Triumph is in the power of your narrative, your energy, and the passionate belief that anything is possible and everything is in your reach. There can be no doubt. Doubt is simply a rationalization for negativity and fear. Destroy it and be steadfast in your mission. When you need to put on the superpower suit, put it on and leave the alter ego behind!

I started using TSP before everyday things like business meetings, sales presentations, dealing with difficult clients, or whenever I wanted a particular situation to go a certain way. I had such great results that even when things didn’t go exactly as I planned, I didn’t feel the dissatisfaction I had in the past. I was able to shrug it off and to move on, confident in my position and of my future success. With TSP, failure is not an option and negativity never wins.

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