Monday, December 21, 2009

The Little Things Mean A Lot And They Can Do Even More

In addition to anything Super Hero or Star Wars related, my 5 year old son loves to sing, dance and skip. We skip a lot, especially when I need him to move quickly! But mostly, we skip because it makes us feel good. Each morning, on our way to school, we pass a well-dressed business woman, briefcase in hand, on her way to work. At first, we simply noticed each other with a friendly nod but then one day something really great happened. As she was walking up the street she must have noticed my son skipping. When she got to us, she started skipping and her whole face was lit up by her smile. She was having fun and I felt lucky to be a part of it. In a place like New York City where everything seems so serious and cynical all the time, it was amazing to see my son’s energy become a boomerang for fun and laughter in such an unexpected and unconventional way. Now, we always give a big hello to “our lady” and her smile is a constant reminder that magic can be found in a moment and a moment can truly make your day.

Snapshots are mental pictures of experiences that make you feel good. They become the happy memories that leave an imprint and can instantly make you feel lucky in life. If you can take and file even one snapshot a day, then you are truly gifted with a beautiful life. When you provide the snapshot for someone else, you become part of something even bigger. What snapshot will you take today? What snapshot will you give to someone else?


  1. Kids can be very inspiring.

    I like the positive tone of your entries. The headings of them each caught my eye and I am going to go back and read them.

    Thank you for sharing,
    Tom Bailey

  2. i can absolutely picture this- who was having more fun, you or aidan?? making other people smile is so rewarding!