Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Introducing The 10 Power Pauses

The 10 Power Pauses provide texture to the fabric of RELAX. SET. GO. They will get you through anything and everything. They give definition to the different reasons to pause and they help to set the narrative for where you want to go. They are meant to direct, never to dictate. As they post over the next week or so, you may gravitate to one or all, or you may create your very own power pauses. As you get more comfortable and see what works best, your personal style of RELAX. SET. GO. will emerge. And that’s the point. The more it becomes your own, the better it will work for you. The better it works, the more you will prosper in every positive way possible.

Power Pause #1: The Stop the Madness Pause
Outcome: You’re sanity will be resurrected and restored

This pause is probably the most commonly needed and will likely be the most widely used of all the pauses. It is the fastest remedy for overload and crisis mode. It restores composure, instills harmony and puts things into proper perspective which is why it can also be described as the meditative pause. It has so many benefits and can center you even in the most critically off balance situation. If you have them, a few extra relax and pause minutes will quadruple in value and may be needed to return to what you are doing with a clear and peaceful mindset. While you are pausing, remember that no matter how stressful the situation, no matter how tight the deadline, no matter how heavy the pressure, no matter how full the plate, you have the power to control the chaos and to never allow it control you. Even if it means letting go of some things, let them go. If it means compromising on others, then compromise. You can’t control everything but you can control how you see things and how you react to them. See them and react to them with positive energy and a great attitude and you will be amazed by how much you can actually manage on that very full and seemingly unmanageable plate.

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  1. Used the Stop the Madness Pause today... Much needed thanks