Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Active Pause. The Passive Pause.

Power Pause #3: The Active Pause
Outcome: They’ll want to know your secret

There will be times when you can’t stop everything but still need to relax and pause in order to set and go. A paradox, yes, impossible to do; not at all. As a matter of fact, one of the best times to pause is when you are by yourself but still in motion. You can also pause around other people without anyone even noticing (I‘ve done this in meetings, waiting in line, during a conversation; pretty much whenever necessary). For the most part, this can also be described as the partial pause, fully realized. It can even become your all purpose pause. I say this because the more you realize your pause potential, the easier it will be to reboot your personal energy and to redirect your mindset. Think of it as RELAX. SET. GO. on the go. 

Power Pause #4: The Passive Pause
Outcome: Doing nothing never felt so good

This is the pause that allows you to do nothing. Stop what you’re doing, shut down the noise in your mind, shut out the noise around you and don’t do anything. Don’t think about the narrative. Don’t think about the outcome. Don’t think about anything. Just relax and give yourself a break. You not only deserve it, you need it. If you can let everything go, then you have accomplished a lot without doing anything at all! That is irony to embrace. This can also be described as the aahhhh pause because relief is exactly what it promises and delivers. Indulge yourself in some guilt free downtime and by all means, take more than a minute for this one!

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