Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Willpower Pause

Power Pause #8: The Willpower Pause
Outcome: You’ll crave the reward of saying No to temptation.

This can also be described as the self control or the moderation pause. It provides a useful way to manage unnecessary time busting soft additions like watching too much TV, playing too many video games or endlessly surfing the internet. No one is happy when a beloved pastime turns into a perpetual pitfall or prolific procrastination (four-deck spider solitaire is my favored way to waste valuable time).

It’s true . . . everyone needs to exercise a little willpower now and then. An effective method is to give yourself firm deadlines and time limits but to also assess the consequence of choosing the immediate gratification of self indulgence over something that could be more productive and meaningful in the long run. While you pause, ask yourself if you really can’t live without playing that extra game, watching that TV show, or eating those cookies. What will you gain or lose? Or better yet, what will you lament over later?  What else could you do? Will regret ultimately tip the scale of reward? Will you feel better, worse or indifferent if you waste more time or give into self destructive urges? If you do give into your urges, be sure not give into the guilt by giving up completely. You have the choice to make it your downfall or to make it a moment. Make it a moment and move on. The willpower pause puts you in control of your self control and beats temptation.  It can be a game changer if you let it.  And if you let it, you'll win every time.

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  1. I am going to try this one, really could use it.
    Thanks Denise.