Friday, January 29, 2010

The Love Pause

Power Pause #10:  The Love Pause
Outcome: Your love really will conquer all.

This is the greatest pause of all. It can also be described as the appreciation pause and can be used for just about any reason. It is physical, spiritual and emotional. It will make you feel lucky. It will show you beauty in even the smallest things. It will turn a bad day to good. It will fill your life with light and gratitude. It will heal your soul. It will lead you and nurture others. It will keep you in love and loving life.

Whether it’s with a person, a purpose, anyone or anything, sometimes love really is all you need. Everyone should pause at least once a day for love. Love your friends. Love your family. Love your neighbors. Love your enemies. Love yourself. Love your life. RELAX. SET. LOVE. When you pause, take your thoughts wherever you need to go in order to feel it. When you do, wrap yourself in it and blanket your world with your very own love vibe. You’ll build a life force of positive energy and good spiritual karma. Things won’t just seem better, they’ll be better.

Pause to feel the love everyday and pause to show it. It is the best and most powerful energy boomerang you can throw out there and it can be so simple. Our friend Vincent, a high level NYPD detective who has worked homicide and seen the worst evil you can imagine, likes to send my very loving husband text messages that say little things like: answer your phone and hug your wife today. I love Vincent for that and I especially love those random hugs. They feel really good, for everyone.

When we got married, the priest told us the secret to a successful marriage is to say “I Love You,” every day. “Don’t just to say it“ he said, “mean it. Remind yourself where that love comes from and it will be real.” A Fortune 500 company CEO told me that a key to his 50 year marriage was holding hands with his wife. A friend who is an early elementary school head master told me that when kids fight, she breaks the pattern by making them say something nice about each other before they are allowed to do their tattling. She’s promoting the love pause and teaching kids tolerance and compassion in the midst of anger and frustration. This would probably serve adults even better. Og Mandino* (one of my favorite motivational coaches) knows that. He taught me and millions of others that the simple words and belief "I will greet this day with love in my heart” can change everything. It’s all about the energy and the narrative you create.

Whenever you take the time to RELAX. SET. GO. interject the love pause. Your positive energy will be even stronger when it’s enhanced by your love vibe. If you set your mind to it, that vibe will last all day and be felt by the people around you. With time, the love vibe will become your essential energy and your overall energy essence. That’s a good thing because it not only makes life better, it makes life easier. You might find yourself saying good morning to a stranger you pass on the street, smiling a lot more or walking with a lighter step. You will definitely find yourself less stressed and less bothered by any negativity you encounter. When you approach life with a love vibe, people feel your warmth and genuine interest. It shows that you care about yourself and others and that you will never let hate dominate.

And when negativity does threaten your good nature, use the love pause to deflect it. Whether you’re in a confrontation or trying to fend off frustration, just pause and turn all of your energy into the love vibe. During your pause, silently tell yourself, “I have only love to give and will respond to love in return. Negativity has no place here and no power over me. It will not get the best of me, even when I’m at the mercy of people who throw it at me like confetti.” If you are dealing with a demeaning boss or difficult client, silently greet them with love and understanding. If you find yourself frustrated by overseas customer service or an encounter with a belligerent taxi driver, just pause and send them your love vibe. Say it to yourself about anyone and anything. “I love you and you will love me.” It may not always work to your full advantage, but more often than not, your love and the energy you project will disarm your opponent and improve the outcome.

Love is pure and good, and good does prevail, even if it isn’t on your desired timetable. Life isn’t always fair and fair isn’t always pleasant. This is why a loving attitude is all the more important. Love will guide the way and get you through situational and emotional hardship. Even when you lose, you win because the love pause teaches you to love without condition and to walk away from the negative without becoming negative yourself. No matter how painful the present, love will give you confidence in a better future.
A better future is what each of the 10 Power Pauses brings to you. Each wondrous result adds to the remarkably magnificent snowball effect of RELAX. SET. GO. You will feel the lasting transformation to living life in the positive and will be able to snap into that energy even when you falter. The power is yours. The future is yours and you really can change it in an instant. You will be astonished over and over again, by what you can accomplish when you simply allow yourself to RELAX. SET. GO.

* Og Mandino’s book, The Greatest Salesman In the World set me on course for my own personal transformation nearly 13 years ago. It’s a must read and a must do for anyone looking to change their outlook and their life.

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