Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Sleepwalk Domination

By putting the quick step RELAX.  SET.  GO. principles into action, it’s easy to see how a minute is all you need to reboot, redirect and revitalize your spirit.  Heightened awareness feels great and best of all, it gives you a piece of your life back.  It’s like being woken up from a restless trance that keeps you on the treadmill but keeps you from the treasure of what matters most. I’m not saying that the world exists as a walking, talking zombie nation.  It’s more accurate to say that we are living among a sleepwalk domination.  Remember, “. . . time to make the donuts?” Most maxed-out people aren’t even aware of their own surroundings and how they conduct their lives.  They have switched on the auto pilot and live in an endless loop of redundancy; same stuff, different day. They sleepwalk through life in a haze of craze, distracted and self absorbed in the rollercoaster of their own preoccupation. Sleepwalkers are usually oversensitive to pressure and desensitized to pleasure.  They don’t see what they miss as life zooms by and they may never realize that their days are full but their years are empty.  

Sleepwalkers are more likely to feel depressed and to subconsciously perpetuate their own negativity.  They play the blame game of “I don’t have a choice” and millions turn to anti-depressants in an effort to become numb to stress and hip to happiness. Anti-depressants cut the edge which is extremely helpful in managing stress but too often they dull the senses as well. What does happiness feel like when everything is neutralized?   Tranquility shouldn’t have to come at the cost of actually feeling things.  We need to become sensitive to being so desensitized.  The world doesn’t exist in grayscale.  It is full of vibrant colors and rich detail but sleepwalkers are so accustomed to tunnel vision that they tend to be tuned out and the color in their world tends to be washed out.  RELAX.  SET.  GO.  wakes you up, keeps you up, and opens up opportunity at every path.  

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  1. Hey Denise your blogs are very inspiring, keep up the good work. I love the art work as well. Hope all is well.