Friday, February 12, 2010

Checking In From DAC

I thought it would be a good time to write a personal note; namely to give a brief overview of what makes RELAX. SET. GO. (RSG) stand out in the sea of self help cure-alls and to give an idea of what to expect from the site moving forward.

First, let me throw an elephant into the room. I’m not a doctor, Fortune 500 CEO, accredited motivational guru, Ivy league educator or celebrity of any sort. So, how did I come up with RELAX. SET. GO. and why am I qualified to share it with you? Well, I say that the fact that I’m not a traditional self help arbiter is exactly why RSG is so different and so relevant. It doesn’t come from a text book, a doctor’s couch or a lecturer’s pulpit. It comes from real life experience; from someone who has been there and who understands the difference between what most chronically stressed people know they should do and what they feel in their immediate position that they can do. I know the potential pitfalls of days where being down feels easier than rising up but I also know how great rising up feels in the wake of being down.

I spent many years seeking the key to happiness and learned a lot of valuable lessons along the way. The thing that always stopped my progress was the demand for dramatic change and the heavy load of self help ideology. I would get a rush of enthusiasm as I saw the possibilities but nearly always become discouraged if I wasn’t able to meet every criterion of the program. Truth be told, I rarely read a self help book from cover to cover. I adopted the theory but it just took too much effort to immerse myself in the process. It took a while but I finally realized that it’s not the self help program in it’s entirety that makes it a success, it’s what you take away to improve life both now and for the future. Like most courses in life, it’s the take-away that matters most. And, for most time pressed and overburdened overachievers, the take-away is just about all anyone has time to digest and act upon.

The beauty of RSG is that it took years to discover but only one minute to apply. The quick step platform is the ultimate take-away; the Cliff’s Notes to self improvement and personal fulfillment. RSG is an emergent mix of human nature, behavioral patterns, energy output, brain science, physical health, spirituality, meditation and the realities of everyday life. The stand out is that it removes the rhetorical psycho-babble and infuses common sense that can be utilized in an instant or better yet, in a constant. And the “in an instant” part is so important because the reality is that everyone needs to reboot and redirect from time to time; not over a long walk or a week’s vacation, but in the moment when it’s needed most. RELAX. SET. GO. is there in the pinch and better yet, it doesn’t just change your moment, it changes your potential.

A separate note on what's to come . . . I think the best move forward is to give some definition to what you can expect from RSG on a weekly basis.  My mission is to post when it makes sense, not to make senseless postings just to fill space.  With this, you can expect a RSG platform post at the beginning of the week as well as additional sidebar information (polls, quotes, links) and an occasional editorial post from me during the week.  I am also working on getting the blog onto a larger website so that it doesn't require so much scrolling!

Thanks for staying with me through this long post . . . I really appreciate the time you put into the site and the encouragement I am getting along the way.  Have a great weekend and a Very Happy Valentine's Day.

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