Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Energy Around You

Have you ever walked into a room and felt a jolt of energy, or the opposite, where you walk in and the room feels heavy and stale? Does it ever happen that you meet someone who you immediately like, or dislike? Have you ever been in a situation where everything seems to go right, or where nothing seems to happen at all? There is an energy to every place, person and situation. There are ebbs and flows, chain reactions and even sparks of spontaneous combustion. It is indefinable yet undeniable. It is the energy around you. You might not always be able to control it but your personal energy can influence it, and even change the experiential outcome. This is energy engagement and it is a very real sixth sense ability that we all have. It’s not mind reading or paranormal communication. It’s a mix of awareness and instinct that gives you the ability to gauge and engage the energy of your environment and the people around you. Energy is a boomerang but it will pick up the energy of others on it’s way back to you. So, you want to make sure to invite the positive and deflect the negative. Recognizing the energy around you (listen to your gut) will help to make sure that your boomerang comes back with the positive energy that you send out.

This is critical in the pursuit of happiness because energy is contagious, so you only want to catch the good stuff! I have always been attracted to people who seem naturally wired to see the positive, but admit I wasn‘t always one of them. I got rewired with RELAX. SET. GO. You can, too.

For earlier posts on energy consciousness and how to get yourself rewired, see December 2009 or go to the following links:

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Out With The Old. In With The New: Energy = attitude = actions. Energy = mindSET. . . Conscious mindset allows you to choose your energy, write your narrative and go for everything you set your mind to.

Turning On Your Positive Energy: If you think you can’t change your energy in an instant, think again.

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