Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Good and Bad of the Boomerang Back

I want to be careful not to create an expectation that your good, strong energy will always boomerang back with the same promise you sent it out with. The sad truth is that some people are so emotionally shut down that your positive energy may reach them but won’t necessarily rub off on them. That doesn’t mean you give up trying. There are many personality types and many sides to each personality but personality doesn’t always define energy. Most people present different sides of their personality and different energies depending on mood and circumstance.

Instead of trying to define people in terms of one energy type, it’s helpful to identify the energy they transmit at the time of your encounter. It’s true that most people have an overarching energy essence but energy is also situational and, therefore, pliable. For instance, passive energy can be ramped up or toned down. Anger is also pliable but sadness can be impenetrable. Complainers and victims are rarely receptive to a positive boomerang because they tend to thrive on their own drama and don’t really want to get out of it, no matter how much they say they do or think they do! Toxic energy (we’ll explore this more in an upcoming post) is the most complex because, far beyond simply negative, it is hateful and deceptive.

As you become more conscience of your own energy, you will also become a better judge of the energy around you. You’ll gravitate to the positive and choose the best way to engage with (or walk away from) the negative. And even though energy can change at any time, there are a few things that will always remain constant:
  • Negative energy will bring positive energy down but positive energy can always deflect and often diffuse negative energy.
  • The snowball effect goes both ways: negativity energy begets negativity energy and positive energy begets positive energy.
  • Beware of energy codependency: it is generally counter productive to thrive on someone else’s energy, even when it is positive.
  • The boomerang always bounces back but can change energies on the return so be prepared for a different comeback, especially when dealing with negative energy.
  • Misery loves company so always be sure to decline the invitation.
  • The only antidote to toxic energy is self preservation. Keep your energy positive at all times.
If for some reason you get stuck in the negative: RELAX. SET. GO. . . . laugh, skip, dance and get your cardio cruising. It only takes a minute of doing something off the cuff that will put a smile on your face and good energy in the air.

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