Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Energy Entrapment

Anyone can become paralyzed by their own negativity but that’s not what this is about. This is about toxic people and how their bad energy can snare the unwitting into a spiral of emotional chaos. This is about energy entrapment.

It’s not that anyone sets out to be toxic. Many people don’t even know they’re toxic. They only see themselves so they don’t see the harm they do to others. They think they’re genuinely good which makes them all the more complicated. Most are driven by the need for power and adulation which is just a poor and often abused cover for deep seeded insecurity.

Toxic people rarely accept accountability and are hyper sensitive to any criticism, yet they themselves are skilled verbal abusers and smiling back stabbers. They know how to act in order to act in their own best interest. As a matter of fact, some of the most charismatic charmers are toxic to the core. In short, they are cons playing a game that they intend to win . . . at all cost to you and at none to themselves. You know someone like this, don’t you?

Toxic people do not derive their self worth from strength of character, they derive it from the weakness of others. They are cunning recruiters; zealously intoxicating followers who never question or confront. They need these people to feed their ego and to bow to their corrupt power. Toxic people are tireless self promoters who will artfully befriend anyone who can advance their personal agenda. They are ruthless competitors who despise any person and anything they cannot manipulate. They are the “wolf in sheep clothing” and the “snake in the grass.” Their boomerang is disingenuous and their energy is bad.

The sad truth is that toxic people are all around us. Their bad energy can be menacing and emotionally draining. It is poison and the only antidote is YOU. Deflect, deflect, deflect and always keep your energy positive. Choose empowerment over entrapment and do this: Stand up. Walk away. Fight back. Never join. Always defend. Believe in yourself.  RELAX. SET. GO.


  1. WOW !! What an amazing spot on observation.
    L.Ron Hubbard wrote about this type of person back in the 60's.He calls them the "Anti-social"
    or "suppressive" person,and he isolated the exact 12 characteristics they have.
    Yeah, good advice.Stay away from them.
    BTW.My name is Chris and I am an old friend of Peter's...(I am not old our friendship is old.)

  2. Chris,

    Thanks so much for your comment . . . I just got the most vivid definition of a toxic person from a friend of mine who calls them "energy vampires." When I heard it I thought "that is it in a nutshell" Stay away, indeed!