Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Life is a Metaphor

While not a new idea, life as a metaphor is still a strong one . . . if you choose it to be. It may be cliché but clichés come from truth. So, choose your metaphor and make it your truth. Tony Robbins got me hooked on the concept a few years ago and I love it because, like RELAX. SET. GO., it is the definition of a quick step process that really works.

I never thought of my life as a metaphor or as a series of metaphors until I realized that my personal narrative was in essence driven by a subconscious life metaphor. It was the overarching theme of my mindset. If I could choose my narrative with RSG, then I could also choose my metaphor and live my life as such. So, as I was listening to Tony Robbins talk about the metaphor, I found my own: life is a dance. Like the orange color marker I use to amplify my energy (also compliments of Tony Robbins), I can always count on my metaphor to boost my narrative. In all honesty, when I think of my metaphor, I RELAX immediately because life is a dance makes me feel lucky and light on my feet, regardless of how lousy my lot may be at the time. Add this to my strong positive narrative and I am SET to GO for pretty much anything.

There is no rule that says choose only one, so if you like a little variety, choose a variety of metaphors . . . to use at will and which will always propel you to go for great!

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